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Updated : July 2010

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This  some our old news taht we have deleted form the main NEWS page.

Lighing has put us out of business for about a week.
Orders for that period are taking longer to get out.
Knocked out the phones and intenet. Needed some computer recovery also. Finally after about  $ 2,0000 dollars of repairs, back up on 8-2-10

Hot, Hot Hot.  Warehouse was up to 98 a couple of days ago (no AC).  Picking and packing orders has gotten to be (hell). Usual Summer slow down, expecting to pick up in a few weeks.

2-03-10 We were looking for an New guard dog.Got one but,  she's a white and tan pointer, that will lick you to death.  She was  too cute at the Animal shelter, so she came back with us. She rules the place.. Would love to have the time to trainer here, so we can get out for some bird hunt'un.


 Been awhile.  Hunting and Christmas season was  mad house. Could hardly keep up with orders. Still busy.  With the ecomony down, we still have had 10% more orders this year.

11-10-09  Wow has it got busy

10-21-09 But  last Gun Show here was crazy, folks in the isles selling instead of buying.
  We're Coming out of the summer slump.  Hunitng seasoon is in full swing.  Bringing back a couple of folks to help pick and pack.

6-21-09 Summer time slump, and  the Ecomomy are keeping things slow here. . Ammo is  back out and too many Black guns.  Back down to only 2 full time  and 1 Part time.

5-27-09  Happened again  Flooded. About 1/2 inch in the warehouse in some sports. Will take a day or so to clean up and dry off.  Finally got a retaining wall set up so water will be diverted.

5-08-09  Flooded. Had 2 1/2 inches of rain in 30 mins.  About 1/2 inch in the warehouse in some sports. Good thing most everything was off the ground on shelves. Will take a day or so to clean up and dry off.

4-25-09 Things are slowing down. Magazines and Black guns are not easier  to get. Ammo is still scarce.

3-21.09  Gun Show today In Somerst , KY. was packed. Every thing selling not just Black Guns and ammo. Running out of stuff to sell and can't restock.

01-28-09  Ice Storm. Power out and internet has been down the since the 26th. We are back up and running now.  We are still running a few days behind as is most of the Firearms industry due to the political conditions..

01-05-09  New Year,  New Hope?  Busy time for us just now.  Sales are up over last year, strange with the economy dropping.

12-22-08  Bad news, the In Laws home burned to the ground 
This happened right during the Christmas Season 12-19. They got out with the clothes on thier backs.
We are trying to get stome things settled for them. This is a family business. so it  might delay some shipments for Christmas.

12-15-08 Wow. With the economy down you would thing sales would be too.  Ran out of the good stuf ( Hi-cap mags ). But slales are still doing good.

11-10-08  Wow. Working overtime to keep up with the calls for magazines and Semi-Auto stuff. Everyone  seems to be worried about,the  New KId in DC.,

11-05-08  Obama has Become the President Elect. Watch out here it comes.

10-12-08 Remember to Vote for your Gun Rights

09-12-08 Slower

08-12-08 Slow

07-24-08 Hot and humid here.  We are finding  neat treasures for years ago that were packed from our move 5 years ago.

6-25-08 Sales are down due to the Economy. Had to cut back hours on some folks here.

6-16-08  The Summer slump.  Taking time to reorganize the warehouse and catch up on some inventory.

05-20-08  Summer is here  New Graduate in family from Ball State University, in Indiana. A bit slow so we are taking some time to rearrange the warehouse. Putting up some more shelves. Looks like we have a bit of room for a small retail space.

03-04-08  Officially  NOW moved in to new building. Address will change a few numbers, but phones will remain the same. Still moving some stuff.

01-14-07  So far the New Year  has been good.  Finally have  DSL in our area, internet speeds are now 2 times faster than before. We can finally get rid of the  Hughes Satellite we have used for internet. We are in  the process of moving the  inventory to the new building, it's even now looking too small.

12-20-07 Wow has it been busy.. Thanks for the great year and have a Great Holiday Season with your family..

12-13-07  This is a Family owned business  Son was in a car accident (12-09-07) and we had to closedown for 3 days to be with him for surgery.. This has set back some orders (he worked in shipping)  and we will try to catch up as best we can. Yep, he is recovering now.

11-28-07  Yet again an other move, this time just next door.. We have finalized the  purchase of a new warehouse building,  not huge but enough to hold almost all the merchandise we have. 4,000 SF

 With office space, warehouse, as well as a possible small retail area.   With this move we can now organize  and inventory our items  better and may have some items that will offer as a "Buy It Now" from the site..
We will still make internet orders  our priority.

First we have to move every thing, that could take a while !

11-05-07   Hunting season is in full swing.  Even getting some early Christmas orders.  I hear phones ringing again..

10-06-07  If the phones stop ringing we can get some packing work done. But, keep them ringing.

9-12-07 Huge pick up on Seasonal orders coming in. Looks like Hunting Season is Here.

8-25-07 Phones are fixed.

8-25-07 Our Long Distance provider and Toll Free company (USP Communications) kicked the bucket. We will have no long distance out going calls (will have to resort back to cell phones). No Toll free incoming This should be cleared up in 5-10 business days.

8-25-07 Just picked up 300 + magazines from a Gun Shop going out of business, lots of neat older stuff some barrels and stocks too.  New shipment of Intratec Tec-9 firing ins came in .

7-11-07 Long hot dry months here.

5-19-07  Slow season for us.  Back down to 4 employees for the summer..

Spring is here.

3-24-07 Phone company is at it again  Circuit is down, Back up 3-27-07 (fixed)

3-01-07   Still here. Phones are up and working.  Spring is almost here., can hear the Turkeys out back in the woods.

  Phone service is out (800 and long distance), local OK. Phone company is working on it. Hate these 25 year old lines out here
Water pipe froze in office. Yuck! Cleanup time.

01-01-2007 New Year. Back in the office on 1-03-07
         Jan 2nd is the Boss' Birthday so  everyone is off.

Will be closed 12 noon 12-22 Friday will be back in on Tuesday 12-26,

Closed for New years till 1-02-07

12-06  Still having Email problems,. in the server should be fixed by 12-10

11-28-06  Problems with E-mail,  try calling in if email fails or bounces back. We are working on the problem. Started 11-27.

11-21 to 24-06    Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

11-08-06   Huntiing season is in full swing.  Christmas is around the corner.
77 degrees  outside doesn't feel like thhat time of year in Kentucky.

8-12-06 Added a few more folks to help out with the comming hunting and Xmas seasson.

07-08-06  No News = good news??

04-28-06  Another load of goodies from an out of business Gunshop, (they were closed for 10 years) just came in, will be sorting for a week or two.

03-13-2006 Had some wind damage and power outages. Out of contact for a few days. Back up now..

01-10-2006 Inventory is an on going thing, but really need to shutdown and consentrate on inventory. Closed 12-17 January.

01-02-2006 Last year is gone, but no time to relax have inventory to do.

12-18-05  Busy time of the year, orders packing and shipping. Need a break !!!!

12-08-05 Think we finally have the phone problem this fixed. Contact us if you are having a problem.

12-3-05  The phone company is really reeking havoc with  the business. Voice mail down, fax transmissons not supported. We are working on getting a  phone system in place independent  of the local company here.If you can't get thru,  E-mail and we'll get back to you.

10-22-05 Still getting  some kinks out of phones. Seems to be working ok now. If you have a problem getting thru please e-mail about the problem . Hunting season, is in full swing, orders are really picking up. Stock and Barrels are popular this time of year.

9-21-05 Seems as though we have some phone problems here. Old Rural wiring is about shot . Keep loosing calls on the 800 number for orders or they just won't ring through. Local company is looking in to the problem.  9-28 still sporadic problems.

8-21-05  Sorting out boxes of old parts guns (stripped down). Stuff we forgot we had. Getting stuff ready for hunting season.

8-06-05  Hunting season has started in parts of the US by now. Work is picking up some here. Some of  the summer help are back to school. Looks like we might some part-time help (dirty work).

7-16-05 Still sorting stocks  Over 300 neat old magazines in this week, some we've never seen before..

7-08-05    Just got in over 250  rifle stocks. Remington, Winchester, Mauser and Sako. Listing will be up in a few days (trying to get some photos done for these)

6-01-05  Added over 400 new items this week to inventory.

5-21-05 Added over 350 new items, to inventory today. 100's more in a few days.

5-03-05 Office Closed May 4-5.  Moving and unloading in more stuff from our big move a while back. Need to get this done.

3-16-05 Closed for a few days (3-17 thru 3-22)  to inventory and some family business

3-01-05 Winds are causing some phone problems here. (fixed)

3-01-05 Went with a satellite dish for internet reception. No other high speed options.

2-10-05  Changed hosting servers, and hope this will help out with the e-mail problems and some outages  we have been having.

1-02-05  When we moved didn't realize that  local phone company did not offer voice mail !  So we have lots of busy signals on our two main lines, so a dedicated fax line has now been now added.

Business is ipicking  back up. Former clients are finding us..

11-04  Wow busy here. New place and new faces to the work force.

10-04 We  went from 1000  to 2000 Square feet. . Still sorting need to build more racks and shelves. Still doesn't look like we will have enough room.. Will expand to 5000 Sqf  in the coming years

09 -2004  Company got too big for its britches.  No where to expand at old location. We've Moved to better and bigger digs. Moved 200 miles south, to Glasgow, Kentucky area. Reconsolidating and getting back to the family roots.

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