Much has been written about the flag shown in the photograph. Here are some of the more common questions asked about the flag:

The flag came off a near-by yacht docked behind the World Trade Center. Firefighter Dan McWilliams from Ladder 157 spotted the flag and flagpole and became inspired to move the flag and flagpole to West Street where rescue crews were desperately working. By September 13, the photo had already received so much attention that the public started asking about the both the flag and firefighters

 Is the flag American made?
Yes. It was originally manufactured by Eder Flag Manufacturing located in Oakcreek, Wisconsin.

Who owned the flag?
The flag came off of a 130-ft. yacht named " Star of America, " owned by Shirley Dreifus of the Majestic Star company in New York. According to an article that appeared in USA Today on January 10, 2002, Ms. Dreifus noticed her flag was missing when she came to inspect the boat after the attack. People at the marina witnessed the firefighters taking the flag and were able to inform Ms. Dreifus that it was her flag that had apparently been raised in the now-famous photo.

Were they the original owners of the flag?
No. The flag and yacht were sold to Majestic Star in 1997. Previously, both were owned by Mr. Dudley Webb, owner of the Jamestown Resort and Marina in Jamestown, KY. According to a story by Gina Kinslow, printed in the Glasgow Daily Times (Kenutcky) on January 20, 2002: Mr. Webb kept a box of flags on the yacht from the Eder Flag Manufacturing.

Who sold the Flag?
 Mr. Webb purchased the flag from Paul Edwards, a Park City, KY, resident, who is a manufacturer's representative for Eder Flag Manufacturing.  Now our Current Business Location in Park City , KY .(Hoosier Gun Works). We still sell Eder Flags..

Where did the flag go afterwards?
Because of the photograph, the flag immediately became a symbol of the indomitable American spirit. Still smelling of smoke, the flag was immediately transported to the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt en route to Afghanistan. It was then shared with six other military ships before returning to New York City. On Monday, April 1, 2002, the flag was raised formally in front of New York's City Hall. All three of the firefighters who had originally raised the flag at the World Trade on September 11 were in attendance in places of honor. After flying over City Hall for a week, the flag is rotating among various city police and firehouses. It is transported in a case crafted by the Navy.

Was Lost ?? in 2002. Recovered in 2016 is currently on display  at the  Museum.